When to put a child in a booster seat?

when to put a child in a booster seat

Learning when to put a child in a booster seat is important for safety conscious parents. Not only is there a legal requirement for children to be in a car seat, but if your child is too small, too young, or too light for the booster seat because they were placed in it too early, then it could greatly exaggerate injuries sustained in a car accident.

When to put a child in a booster seat

The answer to when to put a child in a booster seat is a fairly simple one: at the last possible moment. Many parents may give in to the child and upgrade them to a booster seat because it makes them feel “like a big kid”, but the problem is that it’s simply not safe. Keeping your child in their forward facing car seat to the last possible moment is absolutely critical to their safety.

Forward facing car seats have height and weight restrictions to follow. While each brand will have a different limit on their height and weight, it’s important to monitor your child and make sure that you switch the booster seat when appropriate.

Why to never skip the booster seat stagewhy to put a child in a booster seat

Never skip the booster seat stage. A booster seat is so important because, while many parents skip the booster seat, it causes a huge safety risk for the child. This is because children are not tall enough for the shoulder strap of a seat belt to fit appropriately on them. Instead of laying across the chest and shoulder, the strap will be dangerously close to their neck. If an accident were to occur with a child not in a booster seat, the shoulder strap could severely injure or even kill the child.

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