What is a convertible car seat?

what is a convertible car seat

When expecting parents are tasked with acquiring all of the necessities for their upcoming child, it can be a difficult feat. There are so many different types of baby things that need to be purchased not including a crib, a swing, swaddling cloths, diapers, formula or breast pump, stroller, and more. One of the most difficult items for parents is often the infant car seat.

Car seats come in a wide range of styles and options that are ideal for children at different ages, weights, and heights. When a child is a newborn, parents are generally looking at one of two choices: an infant car seat or a convertible car seat.

The infant car seat is easy enough to identify, however many new parents end up wondering just what is a convertible car seat and how is it any different from an infant car seat?

What is a convertible car seat?

is a convertible car seat safe

The convertible car seat is a car seat that converts from a rear facing to a forward facing option. They are ideal for parents who don’t want to go through the hassle of car seat shopping just a year or two into their child’s life. Because of the ability of a convertible car seat to convert from a rear to a forward facing, it will hold a little one from their newborn stages clear into their toddler years.

All standard convertible car seats sold within the USA feature the five point harness designed for safety and security. They also can hold children up to eighty pounds however this weight limit will vary based on model.

As parents, it’s imperative to keep a child in the rear facing option as long as possible. Additionally, it’s also equally as important to keep a little one in a forward facing seat as opposed to a booster seat for the longest amount of time possible. With a convertible car seat’s higher weight limits on both rear and forward facing options, it allows parents to keep their childn in the position for as long as possible and keep them safe.

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