What age for a booster seat?

what age for a booster seat

One of the most common car seat questions parents ask is what age for a booster seat? Children grow like weeds and it seems like just yesterday they were a so tiny and being swaddled up to sleep. Unfortunately between the ages of 1-8 they outgrow things almost every month – from the new shoes they just got for Christmas, to that crib they’re climbing out of – it’s almost impossible to keep them in anything for more than a month or two. With car seats it’s important that, despite your child growing like crazy, you make sure they are in the appropriate seat for their height and weight.

What age for a booster seat?

When parents ask what age for a booster seat, they are misunderstanding what the car seats are actually for and asking the wrong question. What they should really be asking is what height for a booster seat?

It’s important for a parent to keep their child in their forward facing car seat as long as possible. These car seats provide extra side impact protection as well as additional neck and head support that booster seats simply cannot. The idea of a booster seat is simply to boost a child so that they are able to be restrained by the seat belt in the car properly. The ideal height for a child to sit in a car seat without the aid of a booster seat is 57″. This means that when you’re wondering what age for a booster seat, it will generally be around five and up; however you keep that child in the booster seat until they meet the height requirements.

Booster seat requirements vary from model to model, so make sure that your child fits within the height and weight restrictions. To find out more about booster seats, check out our booster seat reviews and search for the best booster seat for your child!

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    I agree with you there it is more important to determine the height of the child rather than the age since some kids grow slower or faster. I have also seen some question on some forum on what is the best car seat fro tall kid? quite a conundrum. I have checked out your booster seat reviews. No Diono, I believe its quite a good combo seat booster+ convertible carseat you should definitely include it.

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