New iSize Car Seat Regulation for 2018

New iSize Car Seat Regulation for 2018 A new car seat regulation called R129, or iSize, is aimed at making it easier for parents and guardians to not only select the appropriate car seat for their little one, but to also reduce the amount of kids who are incorrectly fitted in a car eat. This regulation is a strong attempt […]

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How long to keep a child rear facing?

how long to keep a child rear facing

How long to keep a child rear facing? Wondering how long to keep a child rear facing? The short and simple answer is as long as humanly possible, however hopefully after you read more about why you should keep your child rear facing you’ll keep them there past the two year mark! First, understand that the American Academy of Pediatrics states […]

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Top Car Seat Brands 2015

top rated car seat brands

A parent’s most basic instinct is to protect their child, and there are so many products available nowadays to help make a parent’s job just a little bit easier. From simple switch plate covers to rubber edging for sharp corners, these little solutions are godsends for safety conscious guardians. Unfortunately a parent’s job becomes a little bit harder when they […]

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Ten Tips on buying a used car seat

buying a used car seat

Saving money is absolutely necessary for parents because there are so many other things that need to be purchased such as endless boxes of diapers, expensive formula, and clothing. While there’s no sense in needlessly spending money, it’s important to be very careful when looking at buying a used car seat because they are a more affordable option. Buying a used […]

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Why a rear facing car seat is safer

rear facing car seat

  Why a rear facing car seat is safer If you are wondering how long to keep a child rear facing in your car or why exactly rear facing is better, then continue reading because you’re not alone. The misconceptions about car safety seats and when to put a child in a forward car seat are common amongst parents, and […]

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Evenflo AMP Performance DLX Car Seat Review

Evenflo AMP Performance DLX No Back Car Seat charcoal

Evenflo AMP Performance DLX Car Seat Review This Evenflo backless booster seat features the big kid look that children want with all of the safety features that parents require. At under $30, you’ll be surprised to see that this comfortable booster seat is outfitted with elastic cup holders, features a washable and wipeable seat pad, and has a thick layer […]

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Adding Cushions Under Child In Car Seat – Expert’s Answer

cushions in car seat

Adding cushions under child in car seat – Expert’s Answer Common question’s from parents about adding cushions under a child in a car seat: My son complains that they are uncomfortable on long car rides because there’s not enough padding on the booster seat. Is it ok if I add a small pillow or cushion under my child in the […]

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Best Convertible Car Seats 2015

best convertible car seat 2015

A convertible car seat offers a number of benefits, least of which is that you don’t need to switch to a new car seat so quickly. Should you purchase a convertible car seat instead of an infant car seat, you actually can allow your little one to stay in their same car seat for far longer because they convert from […]

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Best Infant Car Seats 2015

best infant car seats 2015

Best Car Seats 2015 Finding the right car seat is not an easy choice. Not only do you need to ensure the car seat meets all of the safety and comfort standards, but you need to additionally make sure you have the latest model! For 2015, there are a myriad of top rated car seats available for purchase. Many are […]

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Best Car Seat Buying Tips

car seat shopping tips

Buying a car seat isn’t something that should be rushed. Not only are car seats somewhat expensive (nearing $500+ for designer brands and extensive models), but they also are the most vital aspect of safety for your child in a vehicle. Not only can these car seats be the one thing that saves a child’s life when there is a […]

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