New iSize Car Seat Regulation for 2018

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New iSize Car Seat Regulation for 2018

A new car seat regulation called R129, or iSize, is aimed at making it easier for parents and guardians to not only select the appropriate car seat for their little one, but to also reduce the amount of kids who are incorrectly fitted in a car eat. This regulation is a strong attempt to increase child safety in car seats and ensure that the overall percentage of parents are utilizing the appropriately sized seat for their child’s current weight and height.

According to the previous regulation, R44, which will be effectively made obsolete by the new R129, a child who was just 9kg could actually be turned to face forward in a car seat! While most parents who are safety conscious know that the American Pediatric Association recommends that a child not be faced forward until the latest age possible (well past two years), many parents are ignorant and unfortunately putting their children at great risk.

The reason why the new iSize car seat regulation is being put in place to make it illegal for a child 9kg or more to be forward facing is that infants and even toddlers lack the adequate neck muscles to prevent serious injuries during a front end collision. And, since a front end collision is the number one type of collision, this could mean that at speeds even as slow as twenty-five miles an hour could cause serious damage to a child’s neck in the forward facing position.

Now, with the new iSize car seat regulation, which will become effective entirely in 2018, a child must be rear facing until at least fifteen months of age. Forward facing prior to this age will be illegal, meaning that a lot of car seats will also become illegal to use if they do not adhere to these standards.

For now you can still buy car seats that adhere to the current regulations. It is not mandatory to buy a car seat that is within the R129 restrictions, however it’s highly recommended that if you can keep your child rear facing under two years of age in their car seat that you do so.

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