Evenflo AMP Performance DLX Car Seat Review

Evenflo AMP Performance DLX No Back Car Seat charcoal

Evenflo AMP Performance DLX Car Seat Review

This Evenflo backless booster seat features the big kid look that children want with all of the safety features that parents require. At under $30, you’ll be surprised to see that this comfortable booster seat is outfitted with elastic cup holders, features a washable and wipeable seat pad, and has a thick layer of padding allowing your child to stay comfortable even on the longest of car journeys!

Evenflo AMP Performance DLX Car Seat Features

  • Holds 40-110 pounds
  • One year manufacturer warranty
  • A top rated backless booster seat 2015
  • Features a thick comfortable seat pad
  • Incredibly affordable price

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Evenflo AMP Performance DLX No Back Car Seat blue Evenflo AMP Performance DLX No Back Car Seat red Evenflo AMP Performance DLX No Back Car Seat purple Evenflo AMP Performance DLX No Back Car Seat


  • Perfect for “big kids” – there comes a time when your child will start rebelling against what you want, and will want to pick something out for themselves. Unfortunately since they choose purely based on appearance that often means their choices aren’t exactly the most safe or affordable. This top rated booster seat fortunately has combined a sleek and stylish appearance with an incredibly comfortable seat into one amazing backless booster seat that’s under $30!
  • Small yet secure – as your child and family grows, every inch of space in a vehicle becomes absolutely crucial. Fortunately Evenflo understands that you need small and compact, yet don’t want to compromise your child’s safety. That’s why they created the Evenflo AMP Performance DLX Car Seat! It’s small frame belies how secure and safe it truly is.
  • Extra comfortable – A big problem many backless booster seats have is that they need to be compact which means reducing the amount of padding on them. This unfortunately leads to children complaining of bottom pain not even halfway through a trip. With this top rated booster seat 2015 you’ll find that your child can easily drift off to sleep in this thickly padded and extra comfortable booster seat!

evenflo amp car seat review


There is very little to complain about when it comes to this Evenflo booster seat. It’s comfortable, has brilliant colors, and is easy to clean. Some children may find it a bit difficult to buckle their seat belt in with the guide, but most children are able to figure it out and complete it themselves after being shown.

Overall Opinion of the Evenflo Amp Performance Booster Car Seat

This Evenflo booster seat is an absolutely fantastic deal for the seat. It is very comfortable, has a myraid of color options, and is so affordable for parents! Despite being a bit tricky to buckle in at first, there is very little to complain about and it truly does own up to the title of “best backless booster seat 2015”!

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