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Essential Car Seat Accessories

Back Seat Mirror

While there are many different car seat accessories you can get, one of the best, and most affordable, ones is a rear facing mirror. These mirrors are put in the backseat and are angled in such a way as to allow you to be able to look through the rear view mirror and see how your child is doing. If your child is in a rear facing car seat, which they should be for as long as possible, you need to make sure that your child is doing okay. With the back seat mirror, like the Britax Back Seat Mirror, it’s an easy feat.

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back seat mirror

Why Get A Back Seat Mirror?

  • Necessary – If you have an infant, getting a back seat mirror is crucial especially since you need to keep your child in a rear facing position for as long as possible. This means that you will be unable to see your child’s face, body, and restraints without the aid of a mirror angled in such a way that you can see.
  • Affordable – Most back seat mirrors are anywhere between $5-$15 and are an absolute godsend for parents. Not many car seat accessories are this cheap and since you will need a mirror, it’s a great money saver.
  • Convenient – Who wants to pull over by the side of the road and check on their infant if/when it is crying? Or, who wants to crane around uncomfortably and check on the infant? Instead, why not use the mirror to make sure that there is nothing wrong with your child, and pull over if you need?
  • Shatter proof – Dropped the mirror on the pavement beside the car? No worries there because this is a shatter proof mirror meaning you don’t have a million and one pieces to pick up! Additionally, its durability makes it perfect if you have other children in the back seat who may want to play with the mirror roughly.
  • Easy to install – With just a few adjustable straps on the back, this is a simple snap on job for the back seat mirror! Don’t permanently damage your car or worry about having to deal with extensive steps to install it – just attach it to the headrest in the back seat and get to driving!

Top Five Back Seat Mirrors for Rear Facing Car Seats

1. Britax Back Seat Mirror

britax back seat mirror
Price: $16

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2. Brica Baby In-Sight Mirror

brica car seat mirror
Price: $11.99

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3. BRICA Baby In-Sight Magical Firefly

brica car seat mirror dragonfly
Price: $34.99

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4. TFY See-My-Baby Rear Facing Car Seat Safety Mirror

TFY See-My-Baby Rear Facing Car Seat Safety Mirror
Price: $25.99

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5. 4U2C Rear Facing Car Seat Baby Mirror

4U2C Rear Facing Car Seat Baby Mirror
Price: $24.95

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