Britax B-Safe Base Kit Review

Britax B-Safe Base review

Britax B-Safe Base Kit Review

Britax is often synonymous with quality and safety which is why millions of parents trust the Britax car seats and strollers. Since most Britax products are compatible with each other, it is essential that a parent get the necessary bases and adapters. For the #1 best selling and top rated car seat, the Britax B-Safe infant car seat, parents will need the Britax B-Safe base for their vehicle. This base securely snaps into the seat and allows for quick removal of the car seat once it is installed.

britax b-safe car seat review

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Britax B-Safe Base Kit

For parents who are looking to buy the Britax B-Safe infant car seat, or any of the Britax B-Safe car seat models, it is imperative that they purchase this Britax B-Safe base. The base is a permanent fixture in the car that allows parents to quickly, and securely, snap in the car seat. The base can ensure that the car seat is held up at an incline if needed, or simply leave it flat and nestled securely in the base. Most parents find that the base kit is so helpful that they purchase one for each vehicle in the family! Continue reading the Britax B-Safe base review below to find out why this is one of the best car seat bases available!


  • Style – rear facing and forward facing
  • Model Number – S875000
  • Minimum weight – 4 pounds
  • Maximum weight – 30 pounds
  • Age limit – Birth – 4 years (unless child exceeds weight limit)
  • Connection – 5 point LATCH connection


  • Simple to install – The LATCH connections on this Britax B-Safe car seat base are very secure and instantly tell you when you have hooked the base in correctly. The satisfying click sound when it goes into place securely is an excellent indication, and the rest of the installation is a snap when you have a compatible Britax B-Safe car seat!
  • Excellent protection – along with the secure five point LATCH connections ensuring that the car seat is stable during an accident, the thick lining on the compatible car seat in combination with the Britax B-Safe base ensures that there is superb protection and energy absorption on all sides!
  • Affordable – At an affordable and economical cost, the Britax B-Safe car seat base is very easy for parents with any budget to  purchase. Most parents who have more than one car in the family end up buying a second Britax B-Safe car seat base because they are excellent additions to a car and are so easy to install!
  • Highly compatible – the Britax B-Safe base works with all of the Britax B Safe car seats and stroller systems! Additionally, you can buy an affordable adapter and use the car seat for BOB strollers and more!


  • Noise – It can be difficult to ensure that the car seat and base is fully tightened at first when you install it. If the Britax B-Safe base is slightly loose, you will end up hearing a slight rattling noise when you are driving. Fortunately a bit of tightening up will remedy the problem.
  • Britax – Britax is a leading brand for safety and quality, but they can be a tad expensive for parents. While this Britax B-Safe base is not necessarily expensive, buying the compatible Britax B-Safe car seat and stroller can mean a fairly large chunk of cash going into travel accessories for your child.

Overall Opinion

The Britax B-Safe base is an absolute must for any parent considering buying one of the Britax B-Safe car seats. The car seats themselves are one of the best car seats 2014 and are top rated in safety and quality. This particular base, however, is highly recommended by us despite the fact that it is a bit pricey. There is absolutely no match in quality and superior design, and this car seat base will make getting the child in and out of a car a snap!

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